The challenge was to build an online tool that allowed customers to easily find their membership benefits which are always changing.


The solution was to take years of benefit data stored in many disparate formats and proprietary applications, normalize more than 400,000 datapoints, develop a database schema that allowed for maximum flexibility and growth potential, create a secure management portal, and make it run fast—very fast. Oh yeah, and it had to be intuitive, attractive, and automatically adapt to the site upon which it was being displayed. All iconography and interaction models were created for this project.


Take-aways / Results / Notes

  • Although the original scope did not call for the “Benefits Finder” application to completely replace all previous benefit-management tools, it quickly proved itself to be the only needed tool. It did so because it was easy to manage and allowed access to the most-current benefits information to customers.
  • Since its development in 2010, it remains the active and only application used for managing and displaying member benefits.
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