Build 160 new websites was the challenge and that’s exactly what my newly-formed digital team of backend devs, frontend devs, content managers, visual designers, and copywriters did within six months.


The objectives were that the sites be moved to a better, more-robust CMS that could be leveraged for more that website content delivery, all the sites had to feel like a family, be easily manageable by our existing internal content management team, and be instrumental in converting site visitors into prospective members through integration with the sales CRM package.

Take-aways / Results / Notes

  • The project was very successful. Not only was it completed within the allotted timeframe and budget, the sites converted more visitors into members in their first six months than the previous sites had been able to do in their entire six-year life.
  • That translated to more than $40 million increase in life-time membership revenue. 
  • Something must have been done right. The same sites and backend system was in place over eight years.
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Marketplace & Business Portal Site

Conceptualized and designed a marketplace website and business portal for a digital transformation startup.

App Redesign & Feature Update

Expanded a core app's feature set and market position through focus on key UX principles and design system adaption.

Push-to-Talk API Support Kiosk

Built an innovative solution that utilized the PTT API that illustrates the benefits of push-to-talk style communications.

Product Info & Resource Website

Roused wireless carrier marketing teams to improve their website content and user experience by providing a model to copy.

Information Kiosk System

Designed and deployed an experience portal system that allowed members to access information about the events at the club.

Tablet-optimized Store

Prove to the client, through compelling high-fidelity prototypes, that a complex store could be tablet optimized.

Software Platform Design Guide

Created a design guide for a mobile and web app platform that gave product designers and developers efficient autonomy.

Benefits Finder Web Application

Built an online resource tool that allowed customers to stay up to date with all their membership benefits.