The enterprise-trailer industry is a workhorse in the business world. Trailers are everywhere, but are easy not to see. A startup company with a long history in the industry saw an opportunity to make a digital transformation to the market that would bring efficiencies to buyers, dealers, suppliers, and manufactures of trailers.

Brand Guide Logo Variation Sheet

Branding guide logo variations


The concept for the business by the startup’s founder was ambitious, comprehensive, and meant to be disruptive to the industry. It needed distilling down into a set of features and capabilities that could become a product road map which would provide a place for design to start. Since the goal was to design and build an application that consolidated trailer buyers, dealers, suppliers, and manufactures into a singular system that would simplify their needs, more market-specific information was needed so that personas could be identified, needs and requirements could be ranked and organized, and informed decisions could be made.

Trailer Icon Set

Trailer category icon set created for marketplace that helps buyers find the trailer they want easier and faster.


A web-based marketplace website for trailer buyers was designed that provided for best-in-class browsing and search experience. The site offered dealers and manufactures tiered levels of product and brand-promotional opportunities. For dealers and manufacturers of trailers, an accompanying web-based application was designed that provided the content interfaces and management tools to feed the data to the buyer marketplace. To ensure the two-pronged solution was cohesive, a strong brand was created to strategically and visually weave the solution together.

manage orders wireframes medium fidelity

Medium-fidelity wireframes from managing-orders sprint.

Style Guide Preview

Design style guide that used Bulma CSS framework as its foundation.

Take-aways / Results / Notes

  • The site continues to be in active development with more than 20 planned sprints.
  • An MVP will be available after 10 sprints.
  • Adobe XD was selected as the user experience tool since it combines the capabilities of design, wireframing, prototyping, and specification sharing into a single solution.

My Role

Set the primary branding, user experience, and product design principles for the startup business.

Conducted primary product research for existing similar solutions in the industry and related industries.

Interviewed industry insiders for application feature identification and persona creation.

Established the foundational approach to the system design where core personas had unique user experiences and flows.

Created a design system playbook for the development team that could be leveraged when rapid development was necessary.

Built user flows for feature tasks and user stories.

Constructed wireframes and prototypes with a Lean UX approach. 

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App Redesign & Feature Update

Expanded a core app's feature set and market position through focus on key UX principles and design system adaption.

Push-to-Talk API Support Kiosk

Built an innovative solution that utilized the PTT API that illustrates the benefits of push-to-talk style communications.

Product Info & Resource Website

Roused wireless carrier marketing teams to improve their website content and user experience by providing a model to copy.

Information Kiosk System

Designed and deployed an experience portal system that allowed members to access information about the events at the club.

Tablet-optimized Store

Prove to the client, through compelling high-fidelity prototypes, that a complex store could be tablet optimized.

Software Platform Design Guide

Created a design guide for a mobile and web app platform that gave product designers and developers efficient autonomy.

Benefits Finder Web Application

Built an online resource tool that allowed customers to stay up to date with all their membership benefits.

Corporate Web Presence

Led a multi-functional digital team that designed, planned, and built 160 new websites within six months.