Our white-label push-to-talk instant-communication subscription-based service is offered by wireless carriers like AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and others. Although each carrier branded the service differently, they all similarly lacked a compelling user experience on their websites to the information about the service due to insufficient feature details, poor content organization, and unconsidered user personas.

Our small marketing team didn't have the bandwidth to provide every carrier with brand-specific content that would allow them all to improve every website's product-information-consumption user experience.


We created a generic-branded end-user-focused website containing detailed product information that was persona driven. The site provided a compelling user experience highlighting the benefits of the product features organized into content sections for user personas and their decision-making needs. Additionally, the site was search optimized for keywords and phases that aligned with the target user personas.

Website content wireframes

Early-concept medium-fidelity wireframes of the site's landing page and primary conversion page.

Each user persona flow was designed to provide the answers to the top key questions about the service that had been identified through market research. The final step in the flow was a hand off to a carrier-partner conversion page which was optimized for lead generation and service-subscription sales.

Info Architecture

Site's information architecture updated plan that reflexs the persona sections and flows.

Medium-high fidelity content wireframes

Medium-high-fidelity wireframes of expanded-content landing pages.

Take-aways / Results / Notes

  • A major focus was placed on the user experience of the content consumption in addition to the overall site experience.
  • Within six months of launch, the site drew more visitors than all the pages for our product on our wireless carrier partner sites combined. This fact jolted the carriers to greatly enhance our product’s content their own websites. Sales conversions increased by 16%.
  • Site was developed in three phases. The site launched upon completion of the first phase a mere 10 weeks after it was conceived.
  • Within two weeks of launch, the site rose to page one of SERPs for five of the keyword and phases for which it was optimized.

My Role

Led the design efforts and the team of external development resources, and I contributed as a designer and content producer. 

Drove the day-to-day planning and execution of the project.

Concepted and designing persons user flows through site content.

Facilitated brainstorming and design sessions with stakeholders and subject-matter experts.

Partnered with Product Lifecycle Management, Marketing, Sales, and Development to ensure a consistent customer-first user experience.

Provided weekly guidance and consultation to senior leadership of project progress and requirements.

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