Lessons and Practices from a Design System Implementation

After introducing and launching a corporation’s first consolidated design system, here are ten lessons and practices from that experience.

Purpose: Foundation of the Experience Design (XD) Solution Stack

What’s the purpose? Whatever the experience design challenge is, what’s the purpose (the objectives to be achieved and why) is the first question that needs to be answered.

SVG Icon Workflow with Adobe Illustrator and Gulp

Designers of all stripes use Adobe Illustrator to create icons, but it generates bulky, messy SVG files. A few simple practice changes in Illustrator and using Gulp will give you clean, CSS-controlable SVG files.

The Amazing Power of CSS: Change an App's Experience with just CSS

Sometimes a product development team needs to be able to do more than just visualize design changes. They need to be able to use and interact with them on a production application, but in a non-permanent way. That’s where a CSS overlay can make a powerful impact.

Reach Reluctance: User Self-Imposed Limit to Accessing Intuitive Controls on Large Touchscreens

Observed behavior pattern of users to resist reaching for controls on large interactive touchscreen displays in a public setting.