No ready-made templates or themes used here. Simply, I built this site. I maintain the hosting server and platform. If something isn't right, it's my doing. If something is right, it's my doing.

Building Blocks


HTML and CSS hand coded by Lance Schlegel.

CSS uses custom Sassy CSS (SCSS) markup.

Gulp watches for SCSS changes and outputs updated static CSS files.


Images and graphics created by Lance Schlegel.

Words authored (and edited) by Lance Schlegel.

Adobe Creative Cloud: Photoshop to manipulate and create bitmap images. Illustrator to create logos and other vector-based graphics—and output SVGs.


Google Cloud

Compute Engine VM Instance: Debian 9 Linux

Content Management System


Self hosted and maintained.

I've used MODX for more than 10 years for websites and wed-based solutions. I built the page templates and customized the management interface to optimize the site-maintenence experience.


Bootstrap 5


Package Management


Node Package Manager (NPM)

Allows for easy management and updating of the incorporated frameworks and libraries.

Google Font



Google Analytics

I've used it for almost every site I've built for the last 15 years. Why change now.