Veeva Systems, Inc.
May 2021–Present

Veeva Systems Inc. is a leader in cloud-based software for the global life sciences industry. 

Director of Product Design, Veeva Labs

I'm responsible for product and experience design for the Veeva Labs team and products. Veeva Labs is where Veeva builds products for itself—things we can't simply buy, like OrgWiki, Veeva Share, our latest app, Veeva Connect, and whatever the next new concept that Veeva wants to explore. These are core applications that most Veevans use every day and are critical to our success. We consider these products key to maintaining Veeva's culture and its values of Speed, Autonomy, and Employee Success.

Kelly Mitchell Group, Inc.
Jan 2021–May 2021

Kelly Mitchell is a technology consulting company. I was dedicated to Dell Technologies experience design team focused on cloud services product design.

Product Design, Senior Advisor

Dell Technologies

Led product and experience design and strategy for multiple As-a-Service (XaaS) product tracks for the Dell Technologies Cloud Platform.

  • Facilitated design thinking approach to solutions with a “3 in the Box” holistic design team — UX, product manager, and development engineer.
  • Championed user-first design methodologies for product designers and other stakeholders.
  • Expanded the influence of design as “how a thing works” within product management and engineering teams.
  • Mentored rising product designers in process efficiency, stakeholder interactions, and design presentation.
Lance Schlegel Consulting
Feb 2020–Present

An agile digital-experience design, application, and branding consultancy.

User Experience, Product Design & Brand Marketing

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Contract)

Design branding, marketing collateral, and user experience for MIT Machine Intelligence for Manufacturing and Operations (MIMO), a newly-formed affiliate of the MIT Quest for Intelligence organization, a partner of the MIT Leaders for Global Operations Program.

TrailerHub USA (Contract)

Experience design for a startup aimed to disrupt the trailer industry with a transformative marketplace with an integrated dealer and manufacturer-management portal.

  • Architected user experience, user personas, process/user flows, and supportted the development team in scoping of a new, transformative marketplace website and ERP web-application business management suite.
  • Drove UX and product design output from concept to tech implementation and nurtured collaboration between appropriate stakeholders and resources.
  • Provided marketing and branding expertise and guidance for startup ecommerce marketplace.
Motorola Solutions, Inc.
Aug 2017–Jan 2020

Motorola Solutions, public-safety communications, acquired Kodiak in 2017. I transitioned to the product management user experience team.

Product Design & User Experience, Senior Consultant
  • Managed the transition of the product design user experience team from the legacy, pre-acquisition system to the Motorola product design system for mobile and web-based apps.
  • Improved user satisfaction ranking of web-application suite by 45% after incorporating design system and control consistency.
  • Maximized development efficiency by 20% by streamlining agile-based process and incorporating development engineers.
  • Lead usability testing program for mobile apps and expanded it to include suite of 5 web-based applications.
  • Developed and maintained a 100%-uptime full-stack web-based production-level dynamic application tutorial and tour system for 12 client deployments.
  • Extensive collaboration with product managers, product marketing, user researchers, software engineers, and end users. 
  • Established adaptable design system and standards for iOS, iPadOS, Android, and web-based applications.
  • Created user journeys, storyboards, site maps, wireframes, and prototypes with emphasis on web-based applications.
Kodiak Networks, Inc.
Feb 2012–Aug 2017

Startup software development company that built software-based communication platforms (PaaS/SaaS) for cellular wireless operators.

Brand & Digital Experience, Director
  • Performed a multi-disciplined role in product design, marketing, and digital operations.
  • Directed a core team and external agencies in product and corporate branding, digital engagement, marketing communications, corporate-wide design, and managed full-stack digital/web properties.
  • Collaborated with wireless carriers—AT&T, Bell Mobility, Ericsson, FirstNet, Sprint, Vodafone, Verizon, etc.—to optimize and align marketing and product strategies.
  • Initiated comprehensive customer success program resulting in a 45% increase in user satisfaction.
  • Evangelized a design-thinking approach, including at the executive level, to establish a more design-driven culture.
  • Achieved ultimate objective of attaining a $280 million company acquisition through strategic marketing, product positioning, and a 1200% market growth.
  • Led corporate rebranding campaign that increased industry knowledge of product and its key capabilities by 2700% over a 2-year period.
  • Established collaborative website development program for wireless-carrier clients driving a 450% increase in software subscription conversions.
  • Executed a consolidated analytics strategy setting the standard and resulting in a 10-fold improvement in feature utilization.
ClubCorp, Inc.

ClubCorp is largest owner and operator of private clubs in the U.S focusing on exclusive lifestyle experiences for members and hosted events.

Digital Experience, Senior Director
  • Led a team of 30 web/digital-centric UX, UI, content managers, software engineers, visual designers, copywriters, SEO/media buyers, and analytic specialists
  • Led the transition planning, redesign, and deployment of >160 club and corporate websites to a non-proprietary CMS saving the company more than $22 million.
  • Coordinated with IT in implementation of technology in support of digital initiatives.
  • Increased aggregate unique visitors by 30% with in a 20% increase in overall lead volume for sales.
  • Designed an in-club touch-enabled information kiosk system designed as a member information resource to aid member retention and an impactful sales tool for new memberships and private events bookings.
  • Created “Benefits Finder” web application reducing call center call volume by 20% in first year. Project involved consolidation of ~10 disparate sources of offline data into a relational database, integrating complex business logic, and crafting a simplified user experience.
  • Established a standard, corporate-wide design system for all customer-facing applications allowing for a consistent user experience.
  • Identified key performance indicators and consolidated analytics into a common system to track website activity, website-sourced phone calls, touchscreen usage, web-application usage, and ad performance.
Mind Aim: Digital

I started and operated a digital-focused agency with DNA in traditional media for technology-centric clients.

Digital Experience & Marketing Strategy, Founder

Directed multiple client relationships serving as the primary and high-level contact for strategy. Sold new project ideas to clients that aligned with business, marketing, and branding goals. Owned P&L, forecasts, budgets, and ROI. Facilitated all legal contracts. Directed team, aligning appropriate mix of dynamic staff to deliver on-strategy, high-quality work. Oversaw all deliverables to ensure quality. 

  • After 10+ years of growing the company, I executed my exit strategy by selling the firm’s list of 40 active clients and transitioned assets in 2010.
  • Over a 10-year period, I managed, created, and implemented over 1,500 marketing and digital projects.
  • Built up the client list from 2 to more than 40 active clients while building a dynamic team of internal and contractors.

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